Update for the 2016-2017 Academic Year

It’s been quite a bit of time since I’ve (Dr. Camp) blogged, mainly due to seeking funding to develop what is now known as http://www.internmentarchaeology.org. http://www.internmentarchaeology.org has become our data warehouse for the Kooskia Internment Camp Archaeological Project, one of the few of its kind and the only known public-facing database for the archaeology of WWII internment and incarceration. We continue to dump data into its artifact database, and are working on a finding aid that will help researchers discover interesting and important finds associated with the Kooskia Internment Camp.

Home Page of Website
The Kooskia Internment Camp Archaeological Project’s new database and website, http://www.internmentarchaeology.org.

We are very thankful for funding from the Idaho Humanities Council and, more recently, from the University of Idaho’s Office of Research and Economic Development and the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences’ TRIP grant, to make this database happen. Data is being added into the database daily, so make sure to keep checking back and seeing our new finds.

Dr. Camp presenting at an event celebrating funding from the University of Idaho’s TRIP program.

Beyond adding data to our database and supervising that process, I am working on cataloging and identifying the last of the data from the 2013 field season. We have found a number of fascinating finds, including a Japanese manufactured toothbrush, a sales tax token, and another Wakamoto Pharmaceutical Company, Limited bottle made of aqua glass. We are looking forward to sharing these finds in the coming year.

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