Updates from the Dirty Lab

            My name is Kristen Tiede and I’m an intern in Dr. Camp’s lab. I supervise our volunteers, Kaitlyn Hosken and Avril MacNaughton. Visitors to the lab can view the many steps of archaeological lab work. Avril is hard at work cleaning and sorting the artifacts from the 2013 field school. She washes glass and ceramic and dry brushes metal artifacts before sorting them by material. She gets the first look at the artifacts before readying them for the cataloging process. She often finds small artifacts, like buttons, bits of fabric or leather, pencil stubs, and a sewing machine bobbin. Kaitlyn and I have been busy cataloging artifacts from the 2010 field school. We fill out a catalog form for each artifact, assigning it a unique catalog number. After we bag them, we place the smaller artifact bags in larger bags before putting them in plastic storage boxes. Eventually, the artifacts will be accessioned and curated. We still have quite a few artifacts to clean and catalog but slowly and steadily we are getting the job done.

ImageA tray of glass waiting for Avril.

ImageAvril’s work station.

ImageA tray of cleaned artifacts waiting to be cataloged.ImageA bottle base and heel with an applied color label. 

ImageArtifacts ready for storage.

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