Fall 2012 – Field School Planning and Laboratory Research

This fall we find ourselves knee deep in preparation for the 2013 field school as well as busy with laboratory analysis and cataloging. We are also gearing up for my spring 2013 class, Historic Artifact Analysis, where students will be able to catalog artifacts from the Kooskia Internment Camp. I am looking forward to seeing what new discoveries we will make with an entire class working on the collection.

Thanks to an NPS grant via the Japanese American Confinement Sites program, I have been able to purchase curatorial boxes and artifact bags for the entire 2010 collection. This grant has also allowed me to purchase a number of new books for our lab, on topics ranging from the archaeology of internment, Nippon era ceramics, public archaeology, and site preservation. These books will be very helpful as we continue to work on the collection this spring and go out into the field in the summer.

I have spoke on the project’s findings recently, including an online webinar talk I gave in October for the National Park Service (which can be found by clicking here) and a talk in November at the American Anthropological Association’s annual conference that was held in San Francisco, California. At the conference, I was able to see several fellow internment scholars, including Dana Shew and Dr. Bonnie Clark of the DU Amache Research Project and Adrian Myers of the Whitewater POW Camp Archaeology Project. Doug Ross, my co-director, was also there. We were all in the same session, which was organized by my former dissertation committee chair, Dr. Barbara Voss of Stanford University. It was great to catch up as well as think about the intersections between places and material culture of internment.

As for the field school, I have scheduled housing at Three Rivers Resort between the dates of June 27th and July 26th, 2013 for our 2013 field school. Please contact me if you are interested in being a part of the field school – my email is scamp@uidaho.edu. I think spaces will fill up fairly quickly this year, so if you are interested drop me an email before late spring.

We thank everyone for the continued support and look forward to sharing our findings this coming spring!

Dr. Stacey Camp

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