New Northwest Anthropology Conference Posts

Just to update everyone, some of the undergraduate seniors at the University of Idaho have done papers for a panel presentation at the Northwest Anthropology Conference.  The papers and power point pictures have been posted on the blog. The conference was, as always, an amazing experience. We would like to thank the Umatilla for hosting our conference this year in Pendleton, Oregon and for giving us an opportunity to get the word out about these Japanese-made artifacts from the 2010 excavations.

There are not many uniquely Japanese artifacts yet found from the Kooskia Site, and we hope to find more of these types of materials this summer during the 2012 excavations. It is possible for these Japanese-made items found within an internment camp to exhibit a sense of agency, or power, for the internees during this liminal, or transitional phase, between Japanese and American cultures. Since there had been a ban on imports/exports between the United States and Japan at the time, these items were likely brought into one of the family camps as a personal item by internees, and then subsequently brought with some of the male volunteers into Kooskia. As all internment camps were in the process of being disbanded  in 1945, it may have been discarded when internee’s left in May.

Please feel free to comment and ask questions, we would love to hear from you!


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