Fall 2011 Research

Greetings everyone! A bit of time has passed since we updated this blog about our ongoing research. The summer was a bit slow for us, as I (Dr. Camp) delivered my second child on July 30th and am currently writing a book on the history of citizenship and attempts to define American identity. Although things slowed down over the summer, we still have had our share of students working on the project. They will be posting updates this fall, so keep checking back on our blog for their posts!

As some of you may have seen on our Facebook page, we received another National Park Service Japanese American Confinement Sites Grant to support ongoing laboratory research. This is wonderful news for us, as we are in dire need of artifact drying racks, archival safe bags and boxes, and other lab-related supplies. This grant will allow us to continue cataloging and analyzing the thousands of artifacts recovered during the 2010 field season. Hopefully we can get these artifacts cataloged by the end of the 2012 spring semester before heading back into the field once again!

As I just alluded to, we will be running another archaeological field season at Kooskia next summer. I am still hammering out the details of next summer’s project, but if you are interested in participating, please email me at scamp@uidaho.edu or keep checking back on our project website for more information. I am looking forward to returning to the site, especially given the rich artifact assemblage we excavated last year.

In other news, the project was detailed by Idaho Magazine over the summer as well as in Archaeology magazine in the spring of this year. Both of these publications can be found on our project website under the “About the Project” tab (then click “Media”). Josh Allen, Jamie Capawana, and I also traveled to Sacramento for the Society for American Archaeology’s annual conference to give talks on Kooskia. All in all it has been a very productive year for the Kooskia Internment Camp Archaeological Project, and I am very proud of the progress that we have made on the project!

This coming year (2012) I hope to dive into more labwork myself. I am hoping to have a site report out by mid-2013, which should aid other scholars working on the archaeology of internment. Next year, I will also be presenting at the Society for Historical Archaeology’s annual conference in Baltimore, where I will be discussing artwork found at Kooskia. I am really looking forward to sharing how Kooskia’s internees actively sought to manipulate their environment and transform it into culturally familiar.

Also keep an eye out for a new section on this website that features student projects and research. Students in my lab class last spring had to design posters that detailed their research on Kooskia’s artifacts. I am hoping to put these posters up on our site for other researchers interested in historical archaeology and Japanese American internment.

Again, thank you for your continued support of the project and I look forward to sharing more findings from Kooskia this fall and coming spring!

~Dr. Camp


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