Welcome to The Kooskia Internment Camp Project!

This is the first of many project updates that will involve the summer of 2010 Kooskia Internment Camp Project. My name is Stacey Camp and I am the Project Investigator. For those of you outside of the discipline of archaeology, this means that I direct the research team and devise the research questions. I am currently an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Idaho and will be leading a group of undergraduate students on an excavation at Kooskia starting July 12th and going through the early part of August. I am very excited to be leading this project, which is a study of the archaeology left behind by Japanese internees living at Northern Idaho’s Kooskia Internment Camp. We have a great team of students and staff members lined up to work on this very important landscape of American history. They will be introducing themselves on this blog in the upcoming weeks.

One of the primary goals of this research project is to communicate our findings and interpretations with the public. We aim to have an “open archaeological site,” which means that the public are welcome to visit, ask questions, and, on this blog and in the field, submit their own interpretations of what we are finding at the site. In the upcoming year, I will have two undergraduate research assistants who will continue to update this blog as they conduct archival research and laboratory analyses on the artifacts we hope to recover this summer.

In the upcoming weeks, I will explain how I came to this project and the steps archaeologists like myself take to locate and find historical sites. By sharing this information, my intention is to make the process of archaeological research more transparent. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the project, please direct them to my email: scamp@uidaho.edu.

I look forward to posting our research and hearing from members of the public!


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